At every sense are peculiar only to it one gestures, intonations and mimicry. LAROSH FUCO  


 1. Preparation of a psychological portrait according to the client's voice, handwriting, eyes, videotape analysis of involuntary movements of pantomime (free advisory support to solve the conflict relations with the client during 1year);

2. Analysis of difficult life situations;

    3. Study of the psychological climate in labor collectives, and the subsequent development of the concept of governance.

4. We provide free psychological counseling for school-age children and their parents:

 - Emotional instability of the psyche of the child;

 - Inability to hold the attention;

 - Stuttering, which are the cause of neurotic;

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- Shyness;

 - Impaired memory and thinking, and other emotional willful rejections in early and senior school age, that interfere the child to adapt to the educational process at school.

 We conduct trainings both medical and educational for children who wish to learn how to quickly memorize and comprehend rather large amounts of information.

We work every day from  10.00 to 20.00

Pre-registration by phone:

8 (044) 228-42-62, 228-62-74

also on Skype: from 8.00 to 10.00 and 20.00 to 22.0 Kyiv time