At every sense are peculiar only
to it one gestures, intonations and mimicry.


Method of ecral  analysis designed to explore unconscious motivations of human behavior. In this study the minor manifestations of emotion in his voice, expressions, eyes, and involuntary movements of the body.

Ecral analysis - is a unique synthesis of psychology and logic. It allows you, without asking any questions  to identify secret desires and feelings.

The subject of our scientific interest is sensory perception, memory and thinking and their relationship to emotions. Together with various SRI is conducting research to develop software algorithms that can reflect the specific emotional and volitional processes in humans.

This area of psychology explores the various mechanisms of nonverbal communication, the causes of emotional disorders and related diseases (various neurotic disorders, neuro-motor system, memory, thinking, etc.) Publications are constantly preparing on these subjects, which can be found on our website.

Practical techniques developed in the Science Center ecral analysis are devoted to psychotherapy, drawing up a psychological portrait of a man on the minimum data, solving problems of interpersonal communication. In this regard, the Science Center ecral analysis helds consultations, various trainings and seminars.


The knowledge of ecral analysis will help you
to find a more correct way to solve life problems.